A Journey of Many Decades Culminate Into Mareleng, Inc.

MARELENG INC. was founded in 2011 by a team of highly experienced and well-known industry experts in response to the increasing demand for specialized marine electrical services. Our team has decades of experience in the marine and offshore fields and an extensive reference list of successfully executed projects. The company founders gained nearly 40 years of experience while employed by leaders in the industry

With our team of subject matter experts, MARELENG INC. offers a broad range of services from new-build planning, turn-key conversions and retrofit projects, telecommunication and data networking system installation, power management and control system design and installation, and shore-power high voltage connection system design and installation. We are able to provide large project teams, globally on a short notice and have the first-hand experience in fire and damage recovery repairs for critical marine assets.

MARELENG INC. has access to a wide network of project engineers/managers and electrical technicians worldwide through our operations in the United Kingdom/Scotland and Poland.

In 2013, the MARELENG brand was expanded with the addition of MARELENG Lighting, LLC and MARELENG Electrical Supply, LLC. These entities leveraged the specialized marine electrical services with the distribution of marine and commercial lighting and energy saving products and marine class electrical cables, penetration systems, switchboards and distribution panels and components including contractors, relays circuit breakers and transformers.

MARELENG has established a worldwide supplier network with key equipment and component manufacturers and distributors to the electrical markets it serves. MARELENG’s headquarters, technical center, and warehouses are located in South Florida in close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. In addition, we have established a Labor Procurement Center in Poland to better support the European and Asian markets.