Must-Know Skills for Marine Electrical Engineers on Ships

It’s quite common for ships and freight vessels not to carry marine electrical engineers onboard, even for long trips across oceans. That’s where the professionals at Mareleng step in: when an electrical problem occurs on a ship that cannot be resolved by the hands on that ship, they call Mareleng to fly out one of their marine electrical engineering specialists to have the issue fixed.

There are many kinds of issues that can arise in the realm of marine electrical engineering, and Mareleng specialists are well-versed in the everyday tasks as well as all known potential electrical issues and solutions for those issues.

Mareleng has the Marine Electrical Engineering expertise you need!

Here are the electrical marine engineering must-have skills as well as some related problems that electrical marine engineers would need to be able to handle:

  1. Insulation Resistance

The wiring and cabling in the electrical systems are typically covered in a sheath insulation that tends to become damaged and worn over a period of time or high level of operational handling. Marine electrical engineers must know how to not only read the insulation resistance and understand the information relative to the ship’s capabilities but also how to properly maintain the insulation resistance in case a repair is required in the middle of the ocean. If the reading is on the lower end, it could potentially lead to a short circuit, equipment damage, or earth fault, and Marine electrical engineers are required to know how to resolve this type of issue.

  1. Overhauling the Motor

There are many electrical motors on every ship or freight vessel. They are usually the driving motors of other ship machinery such as fans, pumps, purifiers, and other necessary ship components. Marine electrical engineers must know how to regularly maintain all of these kinds of electric motors as well as resolve any issues that may arise from a breakdown or cause a breakdown.

3. Electrical Instrument Operations

Electrical marine engineers are required to know all operating procedures related to the electrical equipment aboard a ship, such as a clamp meter and a megger. Marine electrical engineers should not only know how to maintain, operate, and/or fix these instruments, but also must know how to read and interpret them correctly.

Electrical marine engineers are required to know all operating procedures related to the electrical equipment aboard a ship

4. Starter Panels

Every electrical instrument has a starter panel, and each of those instruments has contacts that need regular maintenance to prevent and resolve issues like breakage, burnouts, and deposit accumulation among other problems. Marine electrical engineers are required to know the correct procedure routines for starter panel maintenance of all electrical equipment and instruments aboard the ship.

If your ship is ever having an electrical engineering problem, the best thing to do is call a Mareleng Marine Engineer. Mareleng is the marine industry’s premier marine electrical engineering solution and will fly out a seasoned expert to your exact location to take care of any electrical issue that may arise at sea. Call at any time to schedule a fix at (954) 491-3050, or visit us at to find out the exact extent of the marine electrical engineering services and products offered.